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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  July 1, 2014 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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with air strikes overnight after three missing israeli teens were found murdered. one of the boys was 16-year-old american citizen frankel. his mother seen here appealing for help after the teens were abducted and missing for weeks. >> we trust that yal and the boys coming home on the way from school and just on their way home. will be with us here and we'll hug them soon. now it is a day of grief and mourning with funeral services under way for those three teens. record recall. another major recall from gm connected once again to that faulty ignition switch and driving the year's total recalls to more than 25 million cars. and finally, and perhaps most importantly today, don't stop believing. >> get the cabinet together this morning because we all know that
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america will be busy this afternoon. go, team usa. >> it is beat belgium or bust for team usa. let the world cup football frenzy begin. good tuesday. i'm peelt epeter alexander in ar andrea mitchell. president obama is going on the offensive and publicly shaming house republicans in a midterm year lead to solutions? texas democrat castro is a member of the congressional hispanic caucus and he is joining me now from his home district of san antonio. congressman, thanks for your time. i want to play as we bring on today a short clip from the president on monday.
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take a listen. >> i held off on pressuring them for a long time to give speaker boehner the space he needed to get his fellow republicans on board. >> speaker boehner said last summer, congressman, the house wouldn't take up the senate bill. did the president waste a year waiting for house republicans to change their minds? >> well, i think there's no question that the country has waited a long time for the republican house of representatives to take action on immigration reform, and, you know, from their language, it seemed like they were willing to do it and the president like he said gave them space and time to accomplish something, take up a bill, and never happened. unfortunately a lot of time has passed but i'm glad to see that the president has finally decided to take action on his own and will be issuing further executive orders during the summer. >> obviously we pose that question because a consequence of inaction from washington,
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whoever americans blame, we have seen this new border crisis really explode with more than 52,000 unaccompanied children apprehended at the border this year first half of the year. so, is this the consequence of our waiting? >> absolutely. you know, there was news reports yesterday about a 11-year-old boy who died of dehydration trying to make it to the united states. this is a humanitarian crisis. and, you know, the congress has sat around for too long and done nothing to address immigration reform. if there had been a bill passed, there have been the resources available to deal with this situation for border control, more resources to take care of the kids the right way. you know? a few weeks ago when the pictures came out showing them laying on concrete floors, stacked up on one another, that was something to see in a disaster area. so it is a failure by the
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congress. >> but congressman, on immigration and several other issues, republicans say they simply can't trust the president to enforce the law. the question is, do they have a point there? in march, politico put together a list of the delays the administration made in implementing the afford care act and isn't it fair to question whether the president will do the same if they passed a comprehensive immigration law? >> no. actually, because if you look at the senate bill, for example, a lot of the things that would have happened would have happened after the president leaves office. when you have the next president in office and future congresses in office so i find that argument disingenuous. >> the president forcefully called on parents not to send their kids specifically central american kids not to send the kids on the dangerous journey across the border in the u.s. he was interviewed, the president was, a couple days ago. clearly the message isn't getting through the families thinking it's worth the risk considering the violence in the
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home countries. guatemala, honduras, among others. the problem clearly isn't what they're running to but from in their home countries. how do we better address that? >> well, we've got to make sure that there are resources available to work with the central american countries. if you look at the state department's budget, between 2011 and 2014, the amount of money going to central american -- to work with central american countries and latin american countries gone down by about $500 million. that's a steep drop and because of sequester and other budget cutting, a lot of the money has been taken from latin america and put in other places and we shouldn't be ignoring the problems of latin america. you have, unfortunately, some of those the most violent situations of any part of the world down there in central and south america. and we've got to commit the resources to help those countries combat this. >> congressman castro joining us
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from san antonio, home district, thank you very much for your time. >> thank you. joining me now for our daily fix, chris cillizza, washington bureau chief, susan page and immigration reporter alan gomez. "usa today" filling up the screen today. we'll start with you, alan, if we can. basically where we left off with congressman castro. this migration, immigration issue right now, should we anticipate that this situation is going to get worse? i mean, doesn't appear much being done right now to arrest it. >> yeah. the congressman was mentioning this a second ago. guatemala, honduras and el salvador, two of the top murder rates in the world. targeting kids, kids recruited into the cartels forcefully. young girls recruited as some people are saying there to be girlfriends of people in the
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drug cartels. so there's no indication that the situation is going to get any better any time soon. the efforts that the u.s. is trying to work on down there, secretary kerry -- vice president biden was down there a couple of weeks ago and the money we're directing for long-term things like drug prevention, crime, violence. we know that takes a very long time to fix and hard for the countries to get an immediate -- suddenly seal their borders to stop the people from coming over. >> and chris, to you, i guess the question is, will yesterday go down as the day we declared comprehensive reform dead? for this presidency at least. i mean, who is ultimately to blame? who will the american people blame for this? >> i think probably died a week earli earlier, peter. maybe even a couple weeks earlier. people point to eric cantor's loss in a primary and a little bit trying to have it both ways. i don't think immigration was alive when eric cantor lost back on june 3rd and not sure he killed it but sometime over the
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last month or so it clearly went down. i think president obama's acknowledgment yesterday was really sort of the last step in this. who do you blame? you know, i think it is the trust issue again which goes all the way back to the debate we had over would there ever be a big, financial deal, a big deal on debt and spending, grand bargain, remember, we talked about that? john boehner and president obama secretly meeting. it went south. they held angry press conferences. i feel like from that point forward, boehner hit on we don't trust this guy. he doesn't deal fairly with us. whether you think that's fair or unfair, the lack, the house republicans not trusting president obama and president obama quite clearly not liking house republicans, it's hard to get immigration or anything else big done with that as the context. >> and susan, clearly, the sort of conventional wisdom on this is it's a huge problem for the
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republicans. rnc autopsy of the election of mitt romney's failed bid read we must embrace and champion reform. if not, the party's appeal will continue to shrink to its core constituencies only. how do the republicans sort of overcome that obstacle? >> huge problem for the republicans over the long term politically, not a huge problem in the short term looking at the midterm elections of the house races, this is not a big problem for them f. you want to run for president as a republican, you need that congress. and republicans in congress to not be blamed as they're going to be blamed now for the failure to get anything at all through the congress. even though we thought after the 2012 election that the -- that everything was lined up for big action on immigration. >> alan, you spent a ton of time along the border and a lot of cities and communities there. i want a sense of your takeaway, what you're hearing from people in those communities really most affected by this. >> i mean, it's -- we've been --
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the reason arizona passed a controversial bill several years ago is because of the flood of immigrants coming in there. the reason texas and new mexico and southern california have been dealing with this problem so long is they've been seeing the flood for decades now and this is just a different variation of it. we're seeing a lot of young kids and same time the overall number of undocuments immigrations making crossing is slowly creeping back up and very familiar with. i think everybody down there, the one thing they agree on is congress needs to do something to fix this and to what susan was saying earlier, the idea -- when you talk about who's going to be blamed for all of this right now, yes, the republicans make the argument that the president can't be trusted to do this but it's 12 months and the republican house hasn't done anything on their version of an immigration bill and set principles in january on what an immigration -- their version of an immigration looks like and haven't filed anything or worked on anything and with 28 days left on the calendar here in
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congress, it's hard to see that they have time to do anything else. >> hey, chris, we can't help ourselves and talking 2016 for a second this morning. chris christie stopped by. here's some of what he had to say in terms of his political future. take a listen. >> i don't get to determine what's behind me or not. >> can you overcome whatever perception was ingendered at that point in your view? >> you don't care? >> you know what? i'm myself. and i think what the people across this country -- i've been in 19 states in the last 4 or 5 months since december and what people talk to me about is not that stuff. they know who i am. i don't change who i am. >> so what's the christie brand look like right now? where do americans stand on this guy? >> first of all, he is running. i mean, he passed on running in 2012. he may regret that slightly. i think he plans to run. the christie brand is what you just -- here's what christie hope it is christie brand is.
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hey, look, i am who i am. i've made mistakes. i apologize for those and moving forward. the problem with that, of course, the brand is tarnished. if he hadn't had all the bridge stuff happen in the wake of his sweeping 2013 re-election, i think he would be the front-runner, the favorite for the 2016 nomination. he is just a member of the pack. he's trying to basically say, it's behind me. we're moving forward. and he has to hope that nothing else comes out. this investigation doesn't come to anything. but we shall see. >> susan, the time's waning. your take, chris christie? >> i think the problem is not the bridge but the problem is out of step with this republican party. it is a southern conservative republican party. he's a northeastern republican. i think that's chris christie's really lem ma. >> susan page, alan gomez, chris cillizza, thank you. >> thank you. arthur is now the first named tropical storm of the season taking form in the atlantic ocean primed and ready
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tensions again flaring in the middle east today a day after the bodies of three israeli teens were found monday, two weeks after being abducted. funerals are being held as we speak as the israeli security cabinet meets to decide on retaliation. prime minister netanyahu vowed hamas will pay for those deaths. but the group has not yet claimed responsibility. this comes just hours after
9:17 am
israel launched dozens of air strikes in gaza overnight. joining me now is ambassador ron deemer. nice to visit with you. >> thank you. >> are the air strikes done right now? what are the targets? >> first of all, the people of israel, you saw scenes there of the funeral there burying their dead today. we had three teenagers who on their way back from school were kidnapped and executed. for the last 18 days, the people of israel have been united in the hope that they would be returned safe and sound to their families and now united in grief. as for the issue of what israel will decide, the security cabinet will be meeting tonight again. they met yesterday and that will be following the funeral, the prime minister is there now and going to the security cabinet and may make a statement before going into the security cabinet and israel will make decisions to make clear to hamas this is unacceptable and not tolerated. as for yesterday, the question of the strikes and actions in
9:18 am
gaza, we have had rockets fired at us. hamas fired thousands of rockets at. 18 to 20 rockets in the last couple of days and israel's taking action to prevent attack tons city. >> not directly in response to the murders of these three individuals? >> no. >> that decision remains to be seen? >> yes. >> give us a sense. prime minister netanyahu blames hamas. they claimed responsibility for a lot of things but not for this right now. is there evidence that suggests hamas did this? >> yes. members perpetrated the crime. they're from hebron. they have different organizations. the headquarters have not actually accepted responsibility for this, just responsible for the territory rockets fired at us. the leader of hamas has made statements in the last 24 hours congratulating those who perpetrated the crime and calling for more kidnappings in the future. we know who and where they are
9:19 am
and we'll bring the perpetrators to justice. >> is full scale military operations, full scale action on the table right now? what's the considerations? >> well, the prime minister has to take a lot into consideration. first, he has to make clear to hamas, to the organization, to people that perpetrate the crimcrime s this will not be tolerated. we have to protect our civilians from the rocket fire we have experience and the prime minister will have to take into account all of these calculations as he and his colleagues in the security cabinet sit down to make a decision of what's going to be in the interest of israel in defending our population. >> has the u.s. emboldened terrorist groups like hamas by the conversations, the engagement taking place with one of hamas's primary backers in iran? >> no. the issue of iran i think is a separate issue. you know, we're very concerned that the regime in iran that openly calls for israel's destruction an supports terrorism throughout the region, in fact, iran's the foremost
9:20 am
sponsor of terrorism in the entire world, that they would be left with any kind of nuclear weapons capability is sort of a separate issue and appreciate the statements made by the president of the united states as a father in sympathy with these three families in israel. we appreciate that very much and i can tell you that consistently when israel has taken action against terrorism the president of the united states has supported us. >> i want to play a sound bite from tony blair with our colleague andrea mitchell in aspen at the ideas festival there and asked about this basically endless cycle of violence. take a listen if we can. >> the only way we will get peace is when the conditions on the ground allow the politics to work. and, you know, right now you have a situation where, of course, there's young palestinians killed on the west bank and their families are grieving. that's not the same situation as the kidnapping and abduction, deliberate murder of young people, but it shows you how raw the feelings are on both sides.
9:21 am
>> so, doesn't violence like the air strikes by israel now just continue this cycle? even after the murder, acknowledging the murder of the three, doesn't this continue the cycle to never be any end to this? >> i think the former prime minister made an important distinction. there's a distinction between terrorists who deliberately target civilians and a country that fights against the terrorists and sometimes unintentionally harms civilians in the process. there's a complete moral difference and so i don't accept the fact that there is this cycle of violence. you have terror organizations committed to destruction operating against israel and other groups in the region, isis, al qaeda, hamas. >> how big is a threat of isis? >> very big. in the middle east today you have forces that are led by iran, some shia radical groups and sunni radical groups led by al qaeda and hamas and most important thing in dealing with
9:22 am
these groups because they're fighting each other and have been for a long time and maybe for each other a long time in the future is to not give them the worst weapons. that has to be the priority. the important thing also is to take a clear moral stand against terrorism. >> yeah. >> what the terrorists want is for us to take a symmetry between their actions targeting our civilians and our actions protecting our civilians. we must do that to advance peace. >> we appreciate your time with us. >> thank you. >> thank you very much. now to the latest in iraq where 300 additional american troops sent to beef up security at the u.s. embassy as well as the baghdad international airport there. that brings the total number of u.s. service members in iraq to roughly 1,000 with several hundred already in place before the crisis began. there's still no clear political solution. today iraq's parliament met in baghdad for the first session but failed to make any progress in choosing new leadership. the session was forced to end early when sunni and kurdish
9:23 am
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and are ready for it. make it matter. we're back now on "andrea mitchell reports." i'm peter alexander. general motors announce add major recall pushing the recall total this year in the u.s. to more than 25 million. the long list of models affects dates back to 1997 but also includes new cadillacs, fresh off the assembly line. the company says it has ident y identified seven crashes tied to the latest recall bringing the total number of deaths of this recall to 16. the expansion comes as gm's compensation administrator kenneth feinberg unveiled the plan to pay victims and survivors of those who died. >> how do you go about valuing a life? or an injury.
9:27 am
>> i value lives and injuries the same way, tom, that courts and judges and juries do every day. >> nbc's tom costello joining us now. give us a better sense. you spoke to kenneth feinberg. what did he tell you about the payoffs and how to determine who's worth what, i guess you could say? >> that's a very difficult question as he said. here's the deal, though. you have got an untold number, an unknown number right now of dead and an unknown number of injured. they'll start submitting the claims on august 1st. they have to have them submitted by september 31st and the payout could be anywhere from, for example, $2 million for the surviving family members of a 17-year-old student who was not married and did not have children, those surviving family members in the neighborhood of $2 million total. to a 25-year-old parent, for example, who might have two kids and making about $46,000. they might see their family members get closer to $4.5
9:28 am
million. and then go all the way up to, for example, a 10-year-old paraplegic who became a paraplegic because of a terrible car crash. talking about the high single digits to double digits in terms of millions of dollars. it is a sliding scale. and then he will also take into account extenuating circumstances, whether that's the number of dependents, maybe one of the dependents of a person who died, maybe that dependent has cerebral palsy or something. >> and today, more recalls. >> well, talking specifically about gm, you know, it really is staggering. we are now up to 25 million in the united states alone. the names and there are too many to name, frankly. too many models to name but they include the cadillac, the camaro, the malibu, the cruz, the sonic, the tracks. it is this long, a long list and i think the problem is at a certain point people are beginning to ask, is it a
9:29 am
problem with the systems, plural, as gm that have contributed to so many recalls over the course of this six-month period? if there's not a significant structural problem going on within the company, or as mary barra, the ceo suggested, they're going through everything looking for anomalies and safety issues and address them right up. >> could be a tough day in a suburban washington household right now, the costello family. here's what you tweeted earlier, of course. your lovely wife is from the great nation of belgium. although today's a day we don't celebrate them. not the easiest day to be married to a belgian. either way i win or either way i lose. so, in front of your family, who do you root for? >> well, the good thing is i'm at work today and not in front of my family. but, you know, i asked my kids who have dual nationality and very proud to be american and very proud to be belgiabelgian.
9:30 am
they said, well, we kind of have to cheer on the david versus goliath scenario and rooting for david. i said, that's america, we're the underdogs but belgium's a small country. ah! either way i win, either way i lose. it will be a great game. >> all right, tom. appreciate it. thanks very much. >> all right. that action kicks off today at 4:00. 3 1/2 hours and counting. the rivalry at the world cup is already heating up back here in the u.s. the restaurant chain waffle house, you may have heard about this, called on all americans to boycott belgium waffles. the all american chain made sure to point out they never have sold the belgium breakfast delicacy. meanwhile, across the country, fans are ready for the big event in chicago. grant park is so overwhelmed with the thousands of american supporters that today they have moved the party to soldier field. a stadium where they can fit
9:31 am
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that's why allstate gives you money back every year you don't have one. [ alarm wailing, dog barking ] whoops. claim-free rewards from allstate. your home protects you, protect it back. and we're back. the supreme court's 5-4 decision yesterday that family corporations do not have to pay for contraceptive coverage for employees garnered powerful reactions from all sides. former secretary of state hillary clinton speaking at the aspen ideas festival yesterday called the ruling, quote, deeply disturbing. >> there should be a real outcry against this kind of decision, and there will be many more now.
9:35 am
there are companies that may be closely held by employers who don't believe in blood transfusions. does this mean if you have need for a blood transfusion your insurance policy doesn't have to cover it? this is a really bad slippery slope. >> i'm joined now by cecil reads and camela harris. thank you very much for joining us. >> you're welcome. >> sure. >> clearly both of you disappointed in the court's decision. cecil, what your next move is, what potential fixes you're pushing for right now? >> i think a couple of things happened. there's been a tremendous response on capitol hill. many senators ready to introduce a bill to remedy the situation for women in this country and a lot of support from the administration in getting this right. but i think the other point it was really alluded to by secretary clinton, there's been an outpouring of women and men across this country who are outraged that the supreme court would rule against women in this
9:36 am
way. i think that the important thing now is to make sure that women and men vote this november and who's e collected into the united states senate is going to play a big part in what happens with the supreme court going forward and how this issue is addressed. >> attorney general harris, you have insisted that the ruling opens what you describe as a perilous loophole to open the door for companies to challenge other common sense laws and wasn't the court careful to say it's only the contraceptive mandate? i want to read what was written in the summary. it said this decision concerns only contraceptive mandate and not hold that all insurance coverage mandates eg for vaccinations or blood trance nugss to fall if they conflict with an employer's religious beliefs or provide a shield for employers to cloak illegal discrimination as a religious practice. wasn't this intended to be more narrow than speperhaps you're
9:37 am
suggesting? >> what to be careful of and aware of is they have opened an overwhelm new level of analysis that is really saying that a corporation can hold personal beliefs. and you can't have it both ways. we have created a system so that we say, privately held companies can be shielded from personal liability when they do their work. we have created that mechanism that says that there's a distinction between the private individual and the corporation. the courts decision now says that a corporation can hold private belief. we believe that this could be a very slippery slope and essentially could bleed into an area to see that corporation and its owner decide that for personal religious beliefs they'll make decisions about individuals of a certain sexual orientation they don't believe in, make decisions based on race and should be very concerned about because this now leaves up to lower courts and other courts
9:38 am
the ability to interpret more broadly the supreme court's decision. >> cecil, help us out here. what are the added challenges that women will now face in your view as a result of this ruling? real terms. >> well, what it means is that women can't necessarily get the birth control that their doctor prescribes and best for them and quite interesting yesterday, peter, to see the american medical association, other national medical groups, come out against the rules because they're saying basically now it's allowing a boss or an employer to make a decision for a woman about what type of birth control she can or can't use. this is as i think as is said, this is a very wide open door now and there i think we see more and more challenges to the birth control benefit across the country. >> attorney general harris, can you give us a better understanding, this is debated about over 24 hours and if not before, how many companies are closely held affected by this ruling? how many -- >> that's a great -- >> refuse to pay for coverage.
9:39 am
>> absolutely. 80% to 90% of employers. >> 80% to 90%? >> are family held. from the grocery tore to the start-up tech company and the ruling will have an impact on a large number of women in the workplace and let's be clear. it's about an issue of choice and a woman's ability to make decisions about her own body. and not have those decisions be made by her boss, employer. but it's also about women's access to economic equality. women pay 68% more in out of pocket expenses for their health care. that's already the case. this is going to add to that burden. >> cecil, kamala, we appreciate your time very much. thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you. coming up, a tall order, private sector ceo tapped to tackle the embattled department of veterans affairs. is he up to the challenge? that's next. [ female announcer ] there's a gap out there.
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president obama has nominated the choice to lead the department of veterans affairs. bob mcdonald served for five years in the army achieving captain and went to work as -- for decades at procter & gamble as a chief executive there. the president quick to highlight the unconventional background in the private sector as a strength. >> what especially makes bob the right choice to lead the va right now is his three decades of experience in building and managing one of the world's most recognized companies. he knows the key to any successful enterprise is staying focused on the people you are trying to serve. >> mr. president, thank you for your confidence in me that this nomination demonstrates. you've made it clear what you expect. a va more effective, more efficient, and that truly puts
9:44 am
our veterans first. if confirmed by the senate, my priority would be to lead that transformation. >> the va serves more than 8 million veterans and, of course, under intense kritd schism for the delays in medical treatment for vets. joining us is tom tarintono. nice to visit with you again. >> good to see you. >> a statement from the ceo of your group, saying the following, as for mcdonald, his branding background maybe helpful because few organizations in america with a worst reputation with the customers than the va right now. he's away from the military and goes on to say away for a while and has to show he's committed to and understands the post- 9/11 generation of veterans, this's the group's ceo. specifically rieckhoff asked about concerns and "the
9:45 am
washington post" quoted him as saying as a 61-year-old he is not from the iraq and afghanistan war veterans generation and quickly gets up to speed to understand the primary issues right now. what's the number one issue? >> it's modernizing the va. va is an organization that's still culturally stuck in the 20th century. we have to make sure that mr. mcdonald really understands the needs, not just of current evacua veterans but in ten, 20 years and modernize the va and otherwise the organization is going to be left behind and veterans that have earned the care of the va provides seek it elsewhere and very dangerous. >> so what's most unique about the new generation of specifvet specifically? >> the va was an organization that was designed to move at the speed of mail. we move at the speed of amazon. we expect customer service to be instantaneous, interactive.
9:46 am
we don't expect to wait two or three months for a medical appointment. this is something that we have figured out in the private sector. this isn't rocket science and just cracked the technology. this is something that the va because of the culture, poor leadership, its poor management and lack of accountability has let basically just let lie over the last five or ten years. these aren't new problems that the va is having but the american people are finally paying attention and we can change them. >> what's your level of confidence right now that bob mcdonald can be effective? >> we're very optimistic. awe thole he is away from the military for a listening time, the service reflects that of members where they served for several years younger, get out of the military and use it to be successful in the civilian world and so we're hoping that he can bring some of the civilian leadership into the va which is a civilian organization and connection to the military and determine success how quickly e engages the veteran community.
9:47 am
there's a community of experts out there that have known the problems of the va for decades and would have been happy to tell the white house had we been asked and engaging the community early and often, we can help him propel the va into the 21st century. >> as a representative of the iraq and afghanistan veterans of america, that group, what specifically your members are saying given the recent headlines and announcement yesterday that 300 more u.s. military personnel are now heading effectively back to iraq in this case to secure the embassy there and the baghdad airport. what's the take from those who lost friends, who witnessed so much carnage over the course of so many years in that country? >> it's of course a shame and it is disturbing but i can tell you in iraq we did our job. we did what we were sent there to do. our piece of iraq was a better place when we left than getting there. and honestly, you can't take anything away from that. the people have to decide the
9:48 am
country for their country. we can only set the conditions for them so much. it's up to them. >> tom from the iava in new york with us today, thanks very much. >> thank you, peter. for the third time in two weeks a court struck down a state's ban on same-sex marriage. today, it happened in kentucky where a federal judge overturned the state's law from licenses and marrying in that state. but the court put a temporary hold on the decision awaiting an appeal. t have a claim. that's why allstate claim free rewards gives you money back for every year you don't have one. and why if you're part of the other 5%, allstate offers claim rateguard. so your rates won't go up just because of a claim. no matter what comes your way, your home protects you. ...protect it back allstate home insurance from an allstate agent.
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out of new mexico, texas, florida, here in kandahar airfield, afghanistan, and we just want to say, go usa! >> i like that they got the soccer ball in front of the goal and they're playing hoops in back. old-school way. what stories are making headlines in 24 hours? chief global correspondent bill kneelly is live in salvador, brazil, and chris cillizza is back with us.
9:52 am
bill, i will start with you. i won't challenge you with the question of the challenge of being a brit covering the american soccer team after you got bumped out and save that for another time right now. as a former soccer coach, coaching 12 to 15 years, give us a preview of what to watch for this afternoon. >> well, i think for me it's a question of belgium has an extremely strong defense. they're very mean. they don't let many goals in. and the problem for team usa is that its attack is second worst in the world cup so far. 31st out of the 32 teams. the striker is missing and pulled the hamstring in the first game against ghana. he is available for this game. but i would be very, very surprised if he starts the game. he might come on as a late impact subs institute if the u.s. needs a bit of a punch up front. i think, look, this is 50/50 in a way. the belgium press is hard on a
9:53 am
belgium team that's underperformed so far. what a collection of individuals. wonderful players. have they really clicked as a team? one journalist say it's as if they only just met up with the world cup and the american team oozing with confidence. i watched the last few practices. they're fired up for this and the coach told them, look, this is your last chance, especially you guys over 30. you won't have another chance. yeah, you did well to get out of the group of death but now this is the knockout stage. this is your moment. prove yourselves. so he's got into their heads and i think in the end today it could be who wants it most. >> i love that over 30 is over the hill. >> relishing the role as underdog. >> bill, very quickly, give me a sense. the controversy over theal jeerian referee, speaking french with the players. does this matter?
9:54 am
>> i think we lost bill. i'll pose the question to chris. i pose it to you simply, where have you hidden the belgium chocolates and wonderfuls in the home? >> thrown them out. that's the only correct response. the french speaking question you posed, look. if we lose the game because the referee can speak french to some of the belgium players, the game shouldn't be up in -- that should not be what decides the game. our problem is, we can't really score. and belgium as peter said doesn't give up a lot of goals. so, we're going to have to counter attack. we have not held possession of the ball in any of these games and really struggled. that said, 1-0 u.s. come on. got to believe! >> bill, so i got you back right now. can you hear me? i think you can. given the controversy of the referee, okay, glad you do right now. the coach of the u.s. team, he said to his family, the players, tell their families to rebook
9:55 am
the flights for after the world cup final. are they following his lead on that advice? >> yeah. well, a couple of the players at a press conference a couple of days ago said that's what they were doing. remember that -- >> oh. you know, i don't know if you notice but that color bars including red, white and blue in it and good omen for us. chris, as we call it a day, any predictions for what we anticipate today? >> yes. we are going to win, 1-0, peter. they're not going -- >> i agree. i think not a lot of scoring. >> 1-0. i like our chances. i think we can win. clint dempsey can and will score and i believe we'll win. >> i believe that we will win. i believe the hash tag. someone should come up with that. >> i just trademarked. >> bradley i think blows up and today's the day to show his stripes.
9:56 am
chris, bill, we know you can't hear me, enjoy the game. a special one. that's going to it for "andrea mitchell reports." follow the show on facebook and twitter and follow me. "ronan farrow daily" is next. creates something else as well: jobs all over america. engineering and innovation jobs. advanced safety systems & technology. shipping and manufacturing. across the united states, bp supports more than a quarter million jobs. when we set up operation in one part of the country, xxxx people in other parts go to work. that's not a coincidence. it's one more part of our commitment to america. sfx: car unlock beep. vo: david's heart attack didn't come with a warning. today his doctor has him on a bayer aspirin regimen to help reduce the risk of another one. if you've had a heart attack be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen.
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i just saved 15% on cari'm insurance in 15 minutes. don't live in beatrice's world. live in the modern world where 7 and a half minutes could save you on car insurance. esurance. click or call. united states is facing one of its toughest enemied today a. foe whose ability to attack by stealth is matched only by the ancient enemity. also, we have to worry about belgium. >> several officials tell nbc news the threat of isis to american interests is, quote, extremely high. >> attacks in london, in the united states. more and more this is a concern of u.s. intelligence. >> we are going for you, barack obama. >> the united states is sending more troops to iraq. >> the u.s. increasingly concerned that the iraqi government, the iraqi military can't handle this situation. >> we are looking at the end of the state of iraq as we know it.
10:00 am
israel striking back at hamas blaming them for the death of three teenagers. >> in the words of prime minister netanyahu, hamas will pay. i take executive action only when we have a serious problem. >> now once again he's going to try to executive power the way. >> yes, the same executive action that which speaker boehner is threatening a lawsuit. we call bill the crust master because his pies, i don't know what he does. whether he puts crack in them or -- >> no, he doesn't. there's no crack in our pies. is the world hearing the voice of the man that some are calling the next osama bin laden? that man is isis leader and just moments ago a new audio recording sounding very much like him rallies the mujahadine saying take up ar


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